Thursday, October 19, 2006

Holding Judson

Mommy's favorite pic with a wide-eyed Judson...

Look at those dimples.

Jed lovin' on Jud

Finally, Jadyn holds her new took a while, just look below, but she now officially loves him and dotes on him...I love this picture, so fun!


More Close Ups!

More Close Ups!

More Close Ups!

Ain't I cute in my new going home outfit...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Judson and Blakes

Blakley loves to look at me!

My sister is so happy to have another brother.

She might like pictures even more than me!

No, she likes me most!

Jedidiah and Judson

Jed loves to touch my face!

Jed loves to kiss my face!

Jed just loves me! And I like that!

Jadyn and Judson

You might be asking, where am I? Good Question
My sissy didn't want to hold me...

and didn't want any pictures. She's not so excited about me.

Judson and Mom and Dad

Good Morning World

Aunt DD thinks your goatee makes you look old and Chinese, Daddy.

Mommy is so hot!

Havin' fun burpin'

Judson and Pa Pa

It took a while, but Pa Pa finally decided he
could handle the responsibility of holding me.

And as far as I can tell, I like it! Love you Pa Pa.

Judson and Grandma

Grandma, don't laugh when I am so sad.

That's one good ba ba!

I'm a little cold, but like all eyes on me!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Everybody loves Judson

One Happy Mommy!

Hey Big Sis!

One Happy Daddy!

Sister's and My Big Brother!

More Judson

Jed is so excited to have a baby brother!

Friday is for Photos and Babies!!!!

Here he is Judson Alexander Edgar...He is 8 lbs. 3 0z. and 21 inches. He was born at 6:13 pm on Friday the 13th. He has lots of hair and looks like a good mix of Edgar and Blakley. We appreciate all your prayers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Phriday is for Phunny Phace Photos!

Time for funny faces!

Phriday is for Photos

Took these with the kiddos at flag football and a late afternoon walk. Look at the intensity on my boys face, I couldn't be more proud. Dig deep, son. The girls looking pretty as always.