Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Week with My Son

This past week Jed and I spent the week at South Padre Island. I serve at a youth camp there each year. Danette and 3 of the kids stayed back to pack and prepare for the move. Jed and I spent a full 8 days together at the beach. Let me give you some of the highlights:
  • Monday night Jed found a man hole cover outside the b-ball courts at the Bahia Mar. He decided he needed to leave some pizza for the ninja turtles at the cover. So, he got 4 pieces, one for each turtle, and headed out to the courts to feed our young teen-aged heroes. He then watched the manhole cover intently waiting for the turtles to come out for a feast. He waited and waited. I decided to send the turtles his way. I asked Jed to come over by me, and lo and behold when he returned he found the plate empty and a note left that said, "thanks for the pizza, Jed," signed TNMT! He was awestruck and smiled from ear to ear the rest of the night. I love Jed for his amazing imagination.
  • On Wednesday we headed to Schliterbahn on the island. We immediately hopped on the first set of water slides. As we reached the top, I asked Jed if he wanted us to go down together. He replied, "No, I want to go alone." Keep in mind, he has never even seen a water slide before. He has no idea where it leads or what to expect, but my adventurous boy heads out on his own. We then hit the lazy river, which isn't that lazy. It has about a five foot water fall and some rapids. Jed was so excited to see the drop and the rapids. He couldn't wait to go down. We road this river about 6 or 7 times. On one trip around, Jed would suck water from the "clean" river and spit it back in my face. He would proceed to leap on top of me, nearly causing us to flip head long backwards into the water. He would spit the water and giggle with glee. He kept doing this till he accomplished his goal of spitting in my mouth. All day long he would ask me to flip him off his pirate ship and cause him to go adrift at sea. When we rode the big slides later in the day, he shouted at every drop and turn with his favorite turtle saying, "Dad, that was Awesome nova!" It was great. I love Jed and his sense of adventure.
  • On the last night of camp, I sat in my friends hotel room. We talked about our futures and shared thoughts on the other's life. It was a sweet time, but perhaps the sweetest moment was when I reflected on all the things I love about Jed. The list was long, and I walked away with this incredible delight in my son. In all the things he is both good and not as good. It was an emotional moment. In it all I caught a glimpse of our Father's delight in the Son, and because I am united to Him, His delight in me. It doesn't even compare. I am beloved, and it feels good.