Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Year of Calvin

This year is John Calvin's 500th birthday. And many across the blogsphere are honoring the great preacher and theologian through blog posts and essays. I thought that this year I would honor him, by studying his epic work - The Institutes. In the Institutes Calvin outlines Christian Thought and in particular Reformed Theology. As far as my reading schedule goes, there are a few plans on the web through which you can read the Institutes in a year. It is actually quite manageable, as you only read three or four pages a day. I also am answering some questions related to the chapters and reading a couple books on Calvin's life. In addition, I thought that it might be profitible for me to blog about the Institutes and the life of Calvin on his 500th year. So, I will be including some thoughts, quotes, summerizations and such on this blog. I hope it might be a helpful addition to the variety of blog posts honoring this great man who has done so much to shape reformed theology, Christian piety and pastoral ministry. Happy Birthday JC!!!

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